Central Section BYC Qualifier 2019


Scotland Central Section, this year will not be using the Section Championships as the qualifying method for the British Youth Championships, instead entries will be submitted for direct qualification to the Finals, should a qualification event be needed for individual age groups/weapons, these will be arranged at a time in march that is convenient to the entries. Potentially at a club night at one of the sections clubs.


Age groups

Under 12: Born 2007 or 2008

Under 14: Born 2005 or 2006

Under 16: Born 2003 or 2004

Under 18: Born 2001 or 2002

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES – Sunday 3rd March 2019



Payments can be made by PayPal, Credit/Debit Card (through Paypal) or Cheque

If paying by cheque please send to:

Scotland Central Section

75 Derran Drive






Product Description

Conditions for Entry:

Fencers must be Under 18 on 1 January 2019.

Fencers must have Scotland Central Section selected as their Region in their British Fencing Membership and be a UK resident.

All Entrants to the competition MUST be a member of British Fencing

Equipment used must meet the minimum requirements for British Fencing

Under 12 & Under 14

Size 2/3 weapons

350N Under Plastron, Mask, Jacket and Breeches

Conductive bib not required in Foil

Under 16 & Under 18

Size 5 weapons

800N Under Plastron

350N Mask, Jacket & Breeches

Conductive bib required in Foil

800N Glove required in Sabre

4 fencers in each category (without byes) will qualify for the British Youth Championship Finals to be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th May 2019, at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield.


Any fencer who reached the last 8 in their event at a 201 British Youth Championship Finals may claim a BYE to this year’s Championships at the same weapon, regardless of age group; this includes finalists from the U10 events.


FENCERS CLAIMING A BYE MUST ENTER THE REGIONAL QUALIFIER, however need not fence in the category they have the BYE, should an event need to be held.


Details provided through this website will only be used to facilitate your entry to the 2019 British Youth Championships, no details will be passed to any 3rd parties other than British Fencing. Entries will be passed to British Fencing through the Sport80 system using the details already registered with British Fencing.

Additional information

Entry Type

Girls Foil, Girls Epee, Girls Sabre, Boys Foil, Boys Epee, Boys Sabre